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03.06.23 - 24.09.23

dans la salle
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Vernissage : 03.06.23 - 18h30

Sarah Lowie. SIXMILLE

Six thousand Post code of Charleroi. Ancien industriel city in Belgium, called “The black city”. Formely covered in coal dust; Charleroi is particular, strange, awkward. A small town where almost eveybody knows each other. And here I am, coming from the outside. Discovering a fascinating world. An univers completely different than what I used to know. They made me come, knowing I was a photographer. I came back the next weekend, and the weekend after that... Then everytime I could. I started to live with them. To follow their routine, to enter in their privacy. And their daily life. It became mine. I became one of their. They became my family. A world made of parties, laughs, lies, weed, troubles, excitements, dreams and derision, alcohol,... A world build around the present moment. We were enjoying life, fully. An african mentality on the eu- ropean territory. A way more authentic world then the one I knew before. Intense. The one that awakens instincts. The one that shows what adrenaline really is. A world that challenges everything. A world that puts your reality into perspective. A love story is born there between me and one of them : Django. Immersed and overwhelmed by so many things... Let me introduce you what was the rapper group Madil City Gang.


Born in Charleroi, the artist studied photography at the ESA le 75 based in Brussels. She completed her training at the same school in the option of printed plural images (silk-screen printing, engraving, book layout). She realized her first project SIXMILLE which she self-published in 100 copies. SIXMILLE was exhibited several times, notably at Contretype (Belgium), at the Médiatine (Belgium) - where she received the prize of the Laureate of the City of Brussels -, at the Boutographies (France), at Les Nuits photographiques d’Essaouira (Morocco) - where she received the special mention. Her second project, the chronological continuation of the SIXMILLE project: Chaque jour, je suis avec toi (Every day I am with you) is exhibited at the Centrale For Contemporary art (Belgium). Sarah has a strong taste for social and intimate subjects what touches her in a personal way. She is the co-founder of La Nombreuse (Brussels). During these years, she was published in The Word (BE), Burn Magazine (USA), Medor (BE), etc.

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Black Para and Nova-D at the studio © Sarah Lowie