Venue hire

Are you looking for a special venue for your event?
The Museum of Photography has a range of venues accommodating 20 to 200 guests and may be just what you are looking for!

The Museum of Photography (Centre of Contemporary Art of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) in Charleroi was founded in 1987 at the former Carmelite monastery of Mont-sur-Marchienne. Today, it is the largest and one of the most important museums of photography in Europe. Covering 6,000m2, it has a collection of 80,000 photographs, 800 of which are exhibited permanently, and 3 million negatives.

Since June 2008, the new wing with its bold architecture has stood alongside the Carmelite monastery and its modernity, functionality and user-friendly design have greatly enhanced the Museum. Although Belgian photography is well-represented, the collection is largely comprised of works by international photographers. In developing the collection, we were guided not only by the desire to create an overview of the history of photography, but also by opportunities arising from encounters and discussions.
Through our temporary exhibitions (that change every six months), we are able to mark milestones in the history of the medium and above all to capture the dynamic nature of contemporary creation.

The Museum is home to a specialist library with more than 10,000 works, a lecture and screening room, children’s workshops, a shop and the Museum Café with its fantastic views out over our beautiful park.

The Museum of Photography also has various venues that can be hired for business events (including tours, if desired).
For more information please contact cecile.druart@museephoto.be