Sébastien Van Malleghem – EN



Photography is my profession, above all else; it is a passion that pushes me to reach beyond my limits and to strive to go farther every day. I can be stubborn and photograph obsessions, places that are taboo, authority, and the fringes of society that most people fascinate but are afraid to see, fearful of facing the heights and depths of reality. The tension and the violence of my subjects are a prime aspect but I especially love the humanity radiating from them together with the mental fortitude, mixed with the beauty of its repeatedly censured themes.

Furthermore, and not as a reporter but as a photographer for Nordic Noir, I focus my sights on reality, so as to transpose my own world and my mental images on places I see. Nikon is there to help me go through all that and I am grateful to them, thanks to their rugged and precise cameras, making it possible to capture light as I feel it.

Sébastien Van Malleghem graduated, in 2009, from “Le 75” Arts College. Since 2008, he has been involved in the development of a triptych devoted to the exploration of the judicial system, of which Police (2008-2011) and Prisons (2011-2014) form the first two opuses. At the end of an incursion into Libya on the ruins of the Gaddafi dictatorship (The Ruins of the Power, 2012), Van Malleghem refocused on Europe to take an interest in junkies, the homeless, drifting artists and dissenters spewed out by the German capital: The Last Shelter closed in 2014 a reporting assignment that began as two-month artist residency invitation to Berlin (2013). He regularly works as a freelance photographer for the magazine De Standaard.