Roger Job – EN


Roger Job, The Turkanas of Kenya. Nomadic herders coping with the impacts of climate change


“If photojournalism does not always allow me to live well, it does allow me to breathe. I don’t do this job to escape from the world but to meet it.”


Roger Job’s photo report was carried out from 2008 to 2010 and pays tributes to the Turkana herders, free and determined men who have deliberately chosen to go on living in total interdependence with the herds that provide them with the food they need. The disrupted way of life of these nomadic herders is, however, part of our human race and the effects of climate change are becoming a growing concern for this indigenous people, putting their livelihoods at risk. Global warming means they are faced with the threat of disappearing for ever as citizens of our Earth. And yet they have not contributed in the slightest to greenhouse gas emissions, but they are its first victims nevertheless.


Roger JOB, (45 years old) is an editor and photographer. He obtained a diploma in journalism from the IHECS. His reports have been published by Paris Match, Newsweek, The Independent on Sunday, Geo, Le Monde 2, La Repubblica or National Geographic … His photographs were distributed by the Gamma agency until 2004 and are distributed nowadays by the Reporters Agency. His photographic journey led him for a long time to work alongside the victims of disasters and wars. Today, he devotes himself to writing books underscoring mankind’s resistance to modernity. In 1992, he obtained the Reporters Without Borders Prize for a report on the exodus of Mozambican refugees to South Africa, and in 1999 he was awarded the SPES Foundation Prize for his work on “The last pastoralists of humanity”. And in 2011, he further received the Nikon Press Award and the Days Japan Jury Award for his work on the Turkana nomadic herders. This work was the subject of an exhibition at the Charleroi Museum of Photography and at the Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau, a photography gallery in Paris. He published Lettres sans frontières (Complexe, 1994), Congo 2000 (Luc Pire, 2000), Des Hommes et des Chevaux (Luc Pire, 2004), Turkanas, les premiers derniers hommes (2012) and Marque ou crève (with Frédéric Loore) (2014) (Foreword), (Nikon Press Award 2013).  In 2016, he obtained the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Prize and the Belfius Press Award for his work on the Narcotics brigade of Charleroi.