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Pauline Beugnies, Génération Tahrir

Pauline Beugnies
Pauline Beugnies

“For me, photography is a means rather than an end in itself. A fabulous means to tell stories. I work with a Nikon D810 and I also used it to film my first documentary Rester Vivants // Still Alive.”


Pauline Beugnies was born in Charleroi in 1982. She studied journalism at the IHECS in Brussels which included a year of photojournalism in Arhus in Denmark. Human beings, what they live, what they feel, how they defend themselves, form the central value of her work. Today, she is focusing on the Arab and Muslim world, with the idea of building bridges and deconstructing stereotypes. Pauline Beugnies lived in Cairo for five years where she studied Arabic. She was present at the awakening of the population in Egypt in 2011 and was an eye witness when the demonstrations took place. She followed the young people closely, at the forefront of those popular movements.


She co-directed the web documentary “Sout al Shabab” (the voice of the young), in partnership with France Culture and the project was selected for several festivals and won the Anna Lindh Foundation, Mediterranean Journalism Award. She also received the 2013 Nikon Press Photo Award for her work “Battir, the green intifada”. Her first book Génération Tahrir was released in January and published by Bec en l’Air. This work was also the subject of several exhibitions at the Charleroi Museum of Photography and at similar museums in Marseilles and Paris. Pauline is directing her first documentary film about Egyptian youth, Rester Vivants // Still Alive.