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Nick Hannes

Nick Hannes (1974, Antwerp) studied photography at KASK in Ghent. His photography is socially critical and has a strong socio-political impact. Using humor, irony and visual metaphors, he focuses on the questionable relationship between the human being and his environment.Hannes published three books and exhibited at the FOMU in Antwerp, C-mine, Osaka Flanders Center, Centro Andaluz de Fotografia (Almeria), Städtische Galerie Iserlohn (D) and several festivals in Europe.Since 2008, he has been teaching documentary photography at KASK.

I like superimposed stories I’m trying to tell; the viewer can look for several meanings. Besides I feel some similarities with Jacques Tati’s sense of humor or Brueghel’s look. Garden of Delight describes Dubai as the ultimate playground for globalization and capitalism. It raises questions about authenticity and sustainability. Dubai is a generic city: a city without identity, without history, without character. Its urbanization is the result of market-related mechanisms. Human activities are reduced to their economic value, people reduced to a producers/consumers relationship. New urbanity takes place in artificial interiors or « capsules ». Dubai has evolved into a meta-amusement park. Constantly in search of illusions, the inhabitants turn their heads to reality.Garden of Delight has been awarded to the Magnum Photography Award in 2017 and the Zeiss Photography in 2018.