Christine Plenus – EN


Christine Plenus, Sur les plateaux des Dardenne

For thirty years, Christine Plenus has been photographing each shooting by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, three decades of complicity from the first Falsch (1987) until the quite recent La fille inconnue. Her everyday presence on the film set was an opportunity for her to grasp privileged moments, by photographing the major sequences. Translating without ever betraying the Dardenne brothers’ universe, her pictures relate the films differently and make it possible to catch a glimpse of magic moments at the heart of creation.


Christine Plenus was born in 1958. She graduated in 1979 and has been a teacher at the Institute Saint-Luc in Liège since 1981 and a film-set photographer on short films and feature films since 1986.

“Teaching photography means living and sharing experiences. Being a photographer, taking pictures means looking and discovering. That’s life.”