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Aurore Dal MasFigures, Ultima and En suspens

Aurore Dal Mas (*1981) Aurore Dal Mas obtained a Master in Photography from La Cambre (Brussels, Belgium) in 2005. She showed her work at the Museum of Photography of Charleroi, at WaterTowerArtFest in Sofia (BG), Festival Circulation(s) in Paris, 44 Gallery in Bruges and in various cultural centers in Belgium. In 2017, she showed a performance at LaVallée in Brussels and exhibited at Mi Galerie in Paris


My work takes as its focus movement that cannot be expressed in words, natural forces, desire, danger, relationships and self-portraits. Ever since I started, I have been developing and diversifying my photographic practice and I’m now combining it with writing and installation. My work often appears tactile, in its approach as in its execution. Shrouded in shadow, sometimes morbid, it seems to question human nature and eternity, relentlessly ausculting human nature and the vibration of the world. Using a grammar that is sometimes worried, sometimes sensual which declines to give too many answers or to affirm anything too clearly, but prefers to attract the viewer in order to better evade, to penetrate the mind in order to better infuse it.